Early Ecology

"Children are born with a sense of wonder and an affinity for Nature.  Properly cultivated, these values can mature into ecological literacy, and eventually into sustainable patterns of living."

-Zenobia Barlow

2019-2020 School Year

Thank you for your interest in Early Ecology! Our application window for the 2019-2020 school year has now closed. Our Bunny, Fox and Coyote classes are now full, however schedules often change so if you would like to be on our waitlist, please fill out the form below. We are still accepting applications for the Bobcat class (ages 4-5). Please use the same form below (EE Waitlist) if you would like to apply for a spot in the Bobcat class.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@earlyecology.com. Thank you and we look forward to meeting your family!

Early Ecology Forest School has a mission to provide an environment that recognizes diversity in all of its forms. We welcome students and families from all ethnic and racial backgrounds, cultures, learning styles, gender expression, sexual orientation, religions, and world views. Our vision is to create a fertile environment for learning about the diversity and beauty of humankind as well as our natural surroundings.


  • We are no longer accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year for the Bunny, Fox, or Coyote classes. We are still accepting applications for the Bobcat class (4-5 year olds). If you would like to apply to the Bobcat class or be added to our waitlist for any of the other classes for the 2019-2020 school year, please fill click the button below to fill out our form.


Our sliding scale tuition policy is one of the ways that we try to increase access to our programming for all. Since our founding in 2013 we have offered a sliding scale option to our community. Some families have paid as little as zero while others have only needed a small price decrease to be able to afford Early Ecology Forest School. We are balancing the need to keep class sizes small and pay teachers worthy wages. We ask that everyone hold the values of equity and generosity as they fill out this form. Please understand that we will receive more requests than we will be able to accommodate.

We know that diversity, in its broadest sense, is essential to a dynamic and healthy environment, which extends to our school community as well. Our hope is to sustain diversity consciousness through our hiring practices, admission process, curriculum development, staff trainings and community building opportunities.

In living our schools mission, Early Ecology prohibits discrimination of any kind on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, ability, gender, gender identity, national or ethnic origin, or economic background. This non-discrimination policy extends to administration and admissions processes, educational activities and financial assistance programs.

Forest School Tuition 2019-2020

Tuition is paid in 10 installments, beginning with a deposit upon acceptance and ending in May. The deposit is used to pay the final June installment. Materials and registration fees are waived for low income families.

Bunny Class Tuition 9am-12:30pm

2 days/week - $542, $5,420 annually

3 days: $805, $8,050 annually

4 days: $1,078, $10,780 annually

5 days: $1,329, $13,290 annually

Additional registration fee for newly enrolling students:

Bunny Class $200

Materials fee: $150

Fox Class Tuition 9am-12:30pm

2 days/week - $517/month, $5,170 annually

3 days/week - $768/month, $7, 680 annually

4 days/week - $1,018/month, $10,180 annually

5 days/week- $1,270/monthly $12,700 annually

Additional registration fee for newly enrolling students:

Fox Class- $150

Materials Fee - $150

Bobcat Class Tuition 9am-12:30pm

2 days/week - $517/month, $5,170 annually

3 days/week - $768/month, $7, 680 annually

4 days/week - $1,018/month, $10,180 annually

5 days/week- $1,270/monthly $12,700 annually

Additional registration fee for newly enrolling students:

Bobcat Class- $150

Materials Fee - $150

Coyote Class Tuition

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am-2pm

$972/mo, $9,722/year

We know living in the Bay Area is expensive, nature based education should be available to all children not only for the well resourced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply for the tuition equity program?

Anyone that would like to attend Early Ecology Forest School but feels that the cost of tuition puts it out of reach should apply. Our goal is to generate enough income paid by families that can afford the full tuition to compensate for the families in our community that can not easily afford it.

How is sliding scale tuition determined?

We consider a number of factors, including: whether a family owns real estate or has other significant investments, lifestyle choices such as a stay at home parent, number of family members in the household, other possible sources of funding for tuition, the number of families that have applied and qualify for reduced tuition that year, the tuition being paid by families in similar financial situations, as well as many other factors. With limited funds, we must consider the financial choices that families make and trust that families understand that we are trying to distribute the limited funds as fairly and equitably as possible.

Families with a significant net worth will not qualify for sliding scale tuition regardless of their income level.

Do both parents need to be employed to be considered for an adjusted tuition?

We recognize the importance of full-time parenting, especially for young children. We do adjust the incomes of families with a stay at home parent to be considered higher than the incomes of families with two working parents. In some cases it may be impossible for a parent to be employed outside the home, and we encourage you to explain your specific situation in your application. Unpaid leave or termination of employment following the birth of a child, a major illness, disability, etc. will not be considered a voluntary decrease in income.

Do I need to reapply for sliding scale each year?

Yes, current or returning families do need to reapply each year with up to date income information. We will respond to returning families sliding scale applications in the Spring. We understand that your families participation may depend on the amount of tuition adjustment possible. Each year we have a different set of unique family circumstances to consider and past tuition assistance may not be possible the following year. We will let your family know about the amount of tuition reduction available as soon as possible.

Is income information kept confidential?

Yes. All information received on the applications will remain confidential and only be seen by the program manager and director during review.

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