Early Ecology

"Children are born with a sense of wonder and an affinity for Nature.  Properly cultivated, these values can mature into ecological literacy, and eventually into sustainable patterns of living."

-Zenobia Barlow

Bunny Class

Monday - Friday


Ages 2 (by Sept. 5th) - 3 years

The Bunny class has 3 teachers with a ratio of approximately 1:3

This program incorporates early learning best practices and ecology education to create a holistic learning experience specifically designed for children ages 2 - 3. We use storytelling, nature and mindfulness games, free play, expressive arts and social mentoring to nourish children's relationship to self, to one another and to the natural world.  

"I've definitely seen growth in my daughters; there seems to be a little more self control, a little more communication, and a distinct self confidence that can come with not just having the choice to do something but the ability to direct it   They are learning so much about how to just "be", be content, be experimental, be confident, be aware, be empathetic - be children, through their interaction with nature and Joanna and Sean's expert guidance.”

- Jennifer Forest School parent

Typical Morning

9am- drop-off, checking in with families as they arrive. 

9:30-10:00 Morning circle time, songs, greetings, a time to share our ideas, questions and our plan for the day.  During circle children are welcome to have a morning snack.

10-11:30 Adventure!  Time to run, jump, climb and play.  We will walk to our favorite natural play areas or explore new trails.  We always have a soft blanket to rest on, drawing and writing materials, and either new art materials and projects such as rock face paint, building forts, blackberry picking or nature and mindfulness games, tracking, yoga or treasure hunts.

11:30am-12 Afternoon circle time and lunch, a time to talk about our experiences, tell stories, laugh and connect. 

12:30 Pick-up 

Tuition 2019-2020

We value diversity in all aspects of our world and program. We offer a tuition equity program that aims to enhance this mission by making our school community accessible to diverse and underrepresented communities. Our application for tuition assistance is on the Apply page of our website.


2 days/week - $542, $5,420 annually

3 days: $805, $8,050 annually

4 days: $1,078, $10,780 annually

5 days: $1,329, $13,290 annually

Extended Care - 2pm pick up option

(available Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday, Friday)

Newly enrolling bunny students are encouraged to begin the year with 12:30 pick up as school can be very tiring for little ones in the beginning.

1 day/week- add $125/month

2 days/week-add $225/month

3 days/week- add $325/month

4 days/week-add $425/month

Additional registration fee for newly enrolling students:

Bunny Class $200 (includes extra class time at the beginning of the year)

Materials fee: $150

Waived for low income families

Calendar 2018-2019

School calendar available here. 

For current families to access invoice system:

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